Ylem Energy Limited

Exhibitor Profile

With over three decades’ experience in smart generation, Ylem Energy specialises in delivering fully-financed smart and flexible energy generation and storage systems that can help balance the grid and optimise a site’s supply through the provision of on-site generation. This enables clients to avoid significant charges related to grid-derived energy - helping lower energy costs, increase reliability and even generate new sources of revenue.

We have a number of solutions that can be used separately or combined together to produce hybrid systems that deliver significant benefits in terms of energy costs, security of supply and the environment.

This includes exclusive third-party supply agreements to enable provision of:

• Battery Energy Storage Systems (BEES)
• Gas Generation Systems
• Hybrid Generation and Storage Systems

All of these solutions can either be fully funded by Ylem Energy, or on a traditional CapEx basis – to meet a client’s specific requirements. At Ylem we don’t just use software and controls to achieve this optimisation, we employ one or more of our smart energy generation assets to deliver tangible savings.

Please contact us or visit our website to discuss how we can help with your energy requirements