The Energy Hub

Exhibitor Profile

The Energy Hub opened in early 2017 as a specialist energy efficiency, renewables and sustainability consultancy. Our showroom, situated in Gateshead, is a flagship space which allows clients to interact with the services and products which we offer.
By being transparent and open with those investing in our services, our aim is to provide clients with the confidence and know-how to streamline energy costs, generate new revenue streams, and become more environmentally conscious. It is our belief that the best way to understand a technology is to see it in practice, and our showroom concept provides this.
Our team features a wide array of expertise including, renewable and mechanical engineering, environmental/energy policy, technical report writing and social engagement. Our multi-disciplined team allows us to offer a wide range of environmental services including feasibility studies ISO4001, ISO5001 and ESOS compliance. As well as providing energy saving solutions for clients, our showroom also acts as an innovative community hub and educational tool, slowing members of the wider community to visit in order to gain a greater understanding of energy efficiency and renewable energy.