The Broker Channel

Exhibitor Profile

The Broker Channel is the market leading online, sales and management tool for energy brokers. The unique software works as an online platform to support and maximise the business performance of its users. Working in real time and having access to the entire live energy market, gives users confidence that accurate comparisons help them win more business.
The platform focuses on the procurement and management of electricity, gas and water for Third Party Intermediaries (TPI’s). Our in-house development team have created this unique and state of the art, online software platform. Which manages the entire energy sales process, from initial prospecting to quotation, right through to contract submission, termination and continued client administration.
Our goal for all users is to offer an intelligent, seamless and intuitive way to work within the energy industry. This is the future of the TPI industry and we are confident that our innovative software will strengthen your company’s efficiency and improve performance.